Data Protection, Privacy, and Transparency

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Wednesday, September 25 12:30 PM - 12:50 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Location: Resilience Zone (Expo Floor)

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Title: Data Protection, Privacy, and Transparency


This paper outlines key objectives in the realms of privacy and data protection, focusing on empowering individuals to control their personal information, promoting responsible corporate data practices, and ensuring compliance with data protection laws in employment. Emphasis is placed on transparency, ethical handling of data, and the need for collaboration to establish consistent global standards. The objectives aim to address challenges posed by the digital age and government surveillance while promoting awareness, education, and best practices for employers to safeguard privacy and data rights.

Learning Objective #1: Empower Individual Control: Develop measures to empower individuals in determining the sharing and communication of their personal information, ensuring increased autonomy over their data.

Learning Objective #2: Enhance Corporate Data Responsibility: Encourage businesses to adopt responsible data handling practices, emphasizing transparency, ethical data use, and adherence to legal obligations.

Learning Objective #3: Promote Workplace Data Compliance: Facilitate compliance with data protection laws in employment relationships, emphasizing the lawful and secure processing of employee data, and promoting awareness among employers.

Type: Resilience Zone



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