Do You Trust Me? How to Thrive in a Mistrustful Era

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Tuesday, September 24 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Location: S210DE

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Title: Do You Trust Me? How to Thrive in a Mistrustful Era


What’s Next: From Black Swans to Unknown Knowns  

Security professionals evaluate risk through many lenses. What keeps them up at night are the Black Swan risks that come seemingly out of the blue and are only understood with the luxury of time and hindsight. However, some issues are well known but seem only tangentially related to security. These “unknown knowns” are well-documented, but their effect on security seems remote. Understanding the impact of these events playing out on the world stage—including resilience in the face of disaster, global conflict, and climate change—can make all the difference between an adequate security program and an extraordinary one.  

Join your colleagues during three Game Changer sessions designed specifically to explore trends that will shape security’s future.  

Tuesday, 24 September | 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm  

Do You Trust Me? How to Thrive in a Mistrustful Era 

Global conflict continues to affect the workplace directly as political and ideological divides lead to mistrust among colleagues and teams. How can security professionals prevent these schisms from eroding productivity or even leading to violence? Learn what factors feed the contagion of mistrust and how to stop it from spreading. In this compelling game changer session, thought leaders will discuss the factors driving global mistrust and how to establish yourself as a trustworthy partner. 

Learning Objective #1: Examine how mistrust can threaten security efforts.

Learning Objective #2: Explore current challenges and how they are amplified by technology.

Learning Objective #3: Recognize the role human nature can play in combatting future mistrust.

Type: Game Changer